Horses advance to playoffs

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Horses advance to playoffs

Brooke DuBose, Staff Writer

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This year, the Warhorse football team celebrates not only advancing to playoffs, but also becoming one of very few teams in the state to advance 17 years in a row.

“It’s a big honor for the program being able to be competitive every year,” Head Coach Paul Gomez said. “Advancing to playoffs for 17 years in a row is a great accomplishment. The fact that this is a blue-collar community with hard working kids involved in sports gives us an advantage. We are definitely blessed here in Devine.”

With district coming to a close, the Horses are fast approaching with their first playoff game. By having tough pre-season games, it gives the Horses an advantage against their future opponents.

“We treat every district ball game like a playoff game which is what helps us prepare mentally for the playoffs,” Coach Gomez said. “We should be ready for playoff season because we played such a tough pre-season schedule including mostly 5A schools.”

Every member of the team is important, but one member sets the tone for how the game is going to play out, and that is senior quarterback Chad Lawson.

“When I call out a play I try to think of what’s best for the whole team,” Lawson said. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be quarterback. I know that every play is important because it determines whether we win or lose and we all want what’s best for the whole team.”

On Friday, Nov. 2, the Warhorses faced the Poteet Aggies winning 45-22, and they play their last district game this Friday against Carrizo Springs.

“For the last district games of my senior year, I am really hoping we will win,” senior Andrew Zapata said. “We are still in the running for District Champions, so winning the last game will help. I think if we can win the first round we could make it three or more rounds into playoffs.”

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