Final season

Elizabeth Puente, Staff Writer

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Playing on varisty for the past four years, Taylor Carr is not only the only senior on the team but is also continuing her softball career at Claredon College.

“I’m going to miss playing for Devine, but I’m extremley excited to go play for Claredon,” Carr said. “This has always been a dream of mine and it finally turns into reality.”

From her junior year Carr has had a total of five homeruns. She has set a personal

goal for herself to get a total of ten homeruns by the time the season ends.

“If I can get ten homeruns then I will feel so accomplished,” Carr said. “This is one of the main things that I want to accomplish for this years season.”

Since the beginning of her freshman year, Carr has been known to always be a hard worker not only in softball but in volleyball her freshman and sophomore year as well as track her freshman to junior year.

“I’ve always looked up to Taylor,” junior Julie Ortiz said. “She’s one of the most hardworking people that I have ever played with.”

From having a job, going to school and then a practice everyday after school for two hours, Carr still manages to practice with her younger sibling and get her ready for her future softball career.

“I practice with Amy maybe about twice a week,” Carr said. “I try to get out there with her as much as I can.”

Carr has known to be a great role model to not only her teammates, but also her younger sister Amy Carr.

“Taylor has helped me a lot when it comes to softball,” Amy said. “ She helps me with my pitching as much as she can so I can get better and pitch more on my team.”

As the last year being an Arabian softball player Carrs’ season comes close to an end, memories with the team start to flash by and Carr is far from ready to say goodbye.

“Saying goodbye to Julie is going to be the hardest,” Carr said. “I hate that I didn’t get the chance to talk to her more. We are basically the same person and she has really helped me become a better person.”