The final season

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The final season

Elizabeth Puente, Staff Writer

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From playing for DYSA and middle school, then playing their last year in high school, seniors Makenna Morales, Sydney Rendon, Amanda Richardson, Elizabeth Puente, Caimee Fowler, Addie Trojanowski and Chesney Friesenhahn take a trip down memory lane.

“This year is very emotional knowing it’s our last year to play as friends,” Morales said. “We’re going to take it day by day and do the best we can.”

With a record of 3-0 in district, the girls are determined to make their last year the best year.

“Win or lose, I’m extremely proud of the hard work they put in during practice and during a game,” junior manager Saily Sanchez said “I love how they make me feel like not just a manager but a part of the team, the love they have for each other and for this sport is going to help them get to state.”

Morales and Friesnhahn are both hoping to continue their volleyball career after they graduate.

“I’ve been playing club for 4 years, and my goal has always been to play at the next level,” Friesenhahn said “If i’m fortunate enough to go play college ball its going to be a whole different environment but its also exciting.

Each senior has made an impact on other players on the team whether it was on the court or off the court and will continue to be great friends after the season is over.

“I love each and everyone of the seniors,” junior Dana Aaron said “I really don’t know what I’m going to do without them next year. We’ve grown as a team and as a family.”

It has been recognized that each of the seniors have grown majorly since Head Coach Leigh Anne McIver saw them practice as eighth graders, five years ago.

The senior volleyball players.

“Seeing them grow into the player they are today is rewarding,” McIver said “The goals that they have are very realistic and this team can and will achieve them.”

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