Softball finishes second in district

Elizabeth Puente, Staff Writer

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As the Arabian Softball team finishes 2nd in district with an overall record of 6-2. The team prepares themselves to compete and go far in play-offs.

“The first round is going to be the toughest,” sophomore Julie Ortiz said. “Once we get passed that then each game should get easier.”

Each athlete has their work cut out for themselves as they head into play-offs. They’ve seen area’s they need to improve in and are working to become more efficient.

“There’s not one person on this team that hasn’t pushed me to become better,” senior Jenna Sadler said. “Each game there is always a few people hyping me up and cheering me on.”

Starting pitcher, senior Amanda Wilson, has big plans for her team and has expectations for herself and teammates going into play-offs.

“No matter the outcome of the games I hope I can look back on this season and know that I did everything I could to prepare for this,” Wilson said.

Head Coach Mark Mangold prepares his team by adjusting his hitting practice to the speed as the opponent pitcher will throw to make runs as the game goes on.

“We have improved majorly on all areas,” Mangold said. “It just comes down to who has more runs and has less mistakes through out the game to move on.”

They had a warm up game for play-offs Tuesday, April 25 against Boerne. The first round of play-off’s will be Thursday, April 27 against Somerset in Lytle at 6:30 p.m.

“Going into play-offs with a confident attitude is important,” Wilson said. “It’s crucial that we go out there knowing that if we play our best we can do great things.”

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