Arabians get tough

Chesney Friesenhahn, Staff Writer

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Getting stronger and getting better this year is the girls powerlifting team goal for the season. Practice has started and lifters are jumping into pre-season powerlifting meets. Preparations are being made now that their first meet has happened and athletes know what they need to better themselves.

“For our first meet my number one priority is getting them used to all the rules and making sure they know how to wrap,” coach Paul Gomez.

Lifters have been in the weight room for a few weeks now. Pushing themselves to limits beyond their breaking point is the name of the game when it comes to being a powerlifter.

“We are in the weight room every day and the words working hard are understatements,” junior Ashley Robles said. “I have primarily been getting on my weights in practice so I can prepare for our first meet.”

The first of everything is always very exciting especially when doing something completely new. Freshman lifters are stepping up to the challenge of the sport of powerlifting.

“I’m kind of nervous but excited for my first meet ever,” freshmen Zaylee Zimmerle said. “I just have to try to stay focused.”

The first meet is always an example of what to expect in the future. It’s always a great start to a fun season full of strength.

“The first meet is always fun,” Coach Gomez said. “It’s more to see where everyone is at and to find out where we can improve.”

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