Oyola signs intent with A&M International

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Oyola signs intent with A&M International

Amanda Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

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Time on the court isn’t stopping after graduation for senior Vanessa Oyola. On Nov. 14 Oyola signed to play basketball at Division II College, A&M International, located in Laredo.

“The school and the basketball program were great fits,” Oyola said. “The head coach believes in me and I feel like I will be very successful my next four years there.”

On and off the court are Oyola’s biggest supporters, her family. Dad, and assistant boys basketball coach, Alex Oyola; mom, Becky Delgado; and brother, junior Jacob Oyola. Vanessa and Jacob practice together weekly to get better.

“Having a sibling that plays basketball has always been an advantage because it shows me what I need to improve on,” Jacob said. “I was happy when I found out that Vanessa was going to play college ball because we have been working for that since we were little.”

Oyola has been working hard for this opportunity since she was young. Her friends and family all gathered to take part in her committing to the next step in her basketball career.

“It made me emotional because I won’t be able to see her next year, but I know she’s going to do great things,” teammate Victoria Martin said.

Vanessa was a transfer student last year. She has been a four-year varsity starter, two years at 6A Smithson Valley, and two years in the Arabian athletic program under Head Coach, Jim Sessions. Oyola also played for the SA Finest basketball program for eight years.

“Vanessa has been working hard during her time here in Devine to improve her game,” Coach Sessions said. “She is a great shooter with a high basketball IQ who has spent a great amount of time developing her game.”

5’-6” guard, averaged 13.8 points, 2.2 assists per game, 2.2 rebounds per game with 2 steals a game her junior year as an Arabian.

“I am very proud of Vanessa’s success and wish her the best of luck as she moves forward with her basketball career,” Coach Sessions said.

One key person that has helped Oyola improve her game is her father. He has helped her since the beginning of her basketball career and will continue to help her as she continues her career.

“I’ve always been honest with her and never sugar coated anything, but I always let her know how proud I am of her commitment and accomplishments,” Coach Oyola said.

In the fall of 2017, Oyola will officially start her collegiate basketball career.

“I am continuously working outside of regular practice to get better,” Oyola said. “It takes a lot of work and dedication to prepare for what it takes to be a college athlete.”

Being an athlete in college is a new challenge and Oyola will need to be ready to work harder than a normal college student to manage playing basketball and her studies.

“If she wants to be successful she will need to stay committed to her training and academics,” Coach Oyola said. “She will need to take care of her body and eliminate distractions.”

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