100 wins

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100 wins

Brooklyn Anderson, Editor-In-Chief

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Last Friday’s 15-6 win against Central Catholic marked Head Coach Chad Quisenberry’s 100th win.

“We are very fortunate to be at a place with tremendous support from our administration, town and school board. They allow us to do our job and I think that’s a rarity in our society. There has been very little politics,” Coach Quisenberry said.

With a record of 100-34, 11 of the 34 losses being in the playoffs, Coach Quisenberry is Devine’s most winningest coach and has the highest winning football percentage in Devine High School history.

“My staff also makes my job very easy. They are outstanding coaches; they are great at what they do and they care about the kids,” Coach Quisenberry said.

Coach Quisenberry and Coach Lynn Cozby have been here for 22 years together and have a current record of 166-76-1.

“It means that we have an outstanding staff. Coach Cozby and I have been here 22 years together. Coaches have stayed here and we are very grateful that they have. A lot of the coaches could be head coaches themselves,” Coach Quisenberry said.

Devine has a 13 year playoff appearance streak, one of the longest in the state. This streak includes appearances with the late Coach Dean Bates as head coach whose football philosophies Coach Quisenberry still uses.

“I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Coach Bates. He came here and set stability and all the coaches who got the opportunity to coach with him are better people for it,” Coach Quisenberry said.

This is Coach Quisenberry’s 23rd year coaching, 22nd in Devine, and 12th as head coach in Devine. Over two decades of Warhorses can say that they had Coach Quisenberry as a coach in high school.

“The 100 wins is a big deal. It’s even more special being at one school. It says a lot about the type of person he is. In today’s society, there are coaches moving from district to district all of the time,” Coach George Villa said. “I am very fortunate and appreciative to work for Coach Quiz. We are very proud of this great accomplishment.”

The Quisenberry family moved here 22 years ago and in the year that marked Coach Quisenberry’s 100th win, both of his daughters Baylee and Preslee Quisenberry attend Devine High School.

“I think it was great that my sister and I were both in high school when my dad got his 100th win. It was also cool that after watching him be a head coach for 11 years, that my classmates were the ones to seal the 100th victory. I’m just proud of my dad because of all the hard work and long hours he puts in to be the best coach he can be,” senior Baylee Quisenberry said.

Coach Quisenberry’s passion for football has been shown throughout his life as a player and coach and now reflected into the success he has had and into the lives of the players he has coached.

“I knew Chad back in high school, he was a very good quarterback playing under Coach Bates at Floydada HS. While playing intramural football at Texas Tech together, I knew he was going to be a very successful coach,“ Assistant-Principal Steve Anderson said. “He was very intense, competitive and passionate about the game of football and those are the same great qualities he still has more than 20 years later.”

With the many years Coach Quisenberry has put into Devine football, he has coached and made a difference in many athletes’ lives. There are currently five coaches on his staff that he himself coached as Devine athletes.

“It was cool to have grown up and had Coach Quisenberry as a mentor and coach in high school and be right along side him when he accomplished this great milestone of 100 wins,” Coach Rene Muniz said. “He deserves all recognition for everything he has done for Devine football. He has put in a lot of effort and hard work in what we do. More than anything, he has made a difference in all the guys he has coached, including myself.”

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