Dr. Grandjean begins as superintendent


Sydnie Harrell, Co-Editor-in-Chief

A new superintendent has taken charge of the district. Dr. Todd Grandjean, coming from Moulton ISD, was unanimously voted by the board of trustees for the position that Mr. Scott Sostarich held for the past four years.

“I felt that Dr. Grandjean’s responses to the board’s interview questions were in line with how I feel about each issue facing Devine ISD,” board member Carl Brown said. “Dr. Grandjean is extremely personable and is willing to roll up his sleeves to assist each district employee to make a difference for our students and our district.”

From Taylor, Texas, Dr. Grandjean grew up in a small town. This was one of the main reasons he was interested in applying to be Devine’s superintendent.

“The town I grew up in is the same make-up as Devine,” Dr. Grandjean said. “It reminds me of home. I can compare everyone I meet to someone in my hometown; they just have a different face and a different name.”

Dr. Grandjean majored in history and minored in American literature and turf management at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, where he received his undergraduate degree.

“I got my masters at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas,” Dr. Grandjean said. “I got my doctorate there also.”

Before college, Dr. Grandjean worked as a maintenance worker at Granger ISD. Once he finished his degree, Granger hired him to be a coach and history teacher. After four years of teaching, the school moved him to the athletic director position.

“I served as the athletic director for two years and then moved to high school principal’s position,” Dr. Grandjean said. “I had just finished my principal’s certification, and I knew everything about the school already. I was so attached to the students that I didn’t want anyone else coming into the position.”

After being a principal for Granger, Dr. Grandjean worked as the superintendent for Moulton ISD for five years before applying to be superintendent here.

“I left the second interview and was driving back to Roundrock when I got the call,” Dr. Grandjean said. “I was super excited. It makes a very good statement to the community that the board was all on the same page.”

Leading up to his first day as the new superintendent, Dr. Grandjean posted a video on the district website introducing himself to the staff members and students, an idea the board proposed to him.

“I feel like my personality doesn’t really show on a piece of paper,” Dr. Grandjean said. “I feel like I’m people-oriented; I get along well with people”

Dr. Grandjean hosted a meet and greet last Wednesday in the DSAC Cafeteria. There, staff members, students and community members had the opportunity to see the new face of the district.

“I think it was an excellent idea to allow the community to meet Dr. Grandjean in the forum because it made him so much more approachable than in a formal setting,” English teacher Mrs. Jana Dudley said. “I think we are in good hands. I am excited to see Dr. Grandjean’s vision for our district and what new ideas he will bring.”

Looking toward the rest of the semester, Dr. Grandjean plans on using the time to get a feel for the district and meet as many people as he can. As for next school year, he plans on working on areas within the district that aren’t the strongest.

“We’re in really good shape as far as finances, our accountability, personnel and extra-curricular activities, but obviously we want to be great,” Dr. Grandjean said. “I am an absolute believer in getting as many people to the table as you can because somebody is going to have ideas that they have been wanting to put forth. The more people that you can get in a room when you take on initiatives, the more included people feel and the harder they’re going to work.”