Noah’s News

Noah Davila, Managing Editor

I would just like to say, yes I know how silly my article’s name is. Noah’s News. I hate the name, but I’m not creative enough to think of a name that doesn’t involve alliteration. Whenever I tell someone I don’t know what I should name the column, they instantly become a never ending stream of these corny puns and bad alliteration. Noah’s Knowledge. Noah It All. Noah On the Nose. Before you Noah it. The list is so long that this is what I can remember, which is already too many. Faced with these alternatives, Noah’s News became a slightly more appealing title.

On top of how boring it is, it pigeon holes me. Sure I enjoy giving my take on the news, but it’s not all I want to do. It’s hard to write about whatever I want with such a concrete name, no matter how silly it is. Even my past articles don’t really fit the name, since they’re both editorialized.

So since I can’t think of a better title, I’ve decided to stop worrying about it. Now that I’ve addressed it, I can continue on without having to think about it. If I think of a good title for an individual column, I’ll add it to the online version. If I don’t, oh well.

So what’s the message of this edition? Everyone likes to have a nice tidy summation at the end, tied up with fancy little take away. Well this doesn’t have one. I didn’t create a solution by changing the name or persevering and holding fast to its name. I just stopped caring, because it doesn’t matter. And that’s fine. Just like the title, having no meaning allows me to make it mean whatever I want. See? Just like that.