Jo’s Flow

Josephine Taitano , Co-editor-in-chief

In response to the CDC’s insistence on social distancing, schools across the country have shut down for weeks at a time. However, this doesn’t mean that school is out. Many school districts, including here in Devine, have turned to online learning programs like Google Classroom so students can continue their education at home. Although I’ve had experience with similar educational settings throughout my entire life, I still find the online learning format to be a little harder than classroom instruction.

After attending public school from kindergarten through second grade, my mom decided to homeschool me for two years. It was somewhat similar to the current school situation because I did everything at home. My mom and I spent a few hours each day covering material relating to history and literature, and I learned about math and science from books. Because we were at home, rather than a formal classroom setting, I had a lot more personal freedom. However, that meant that I also got away with getting distracted more often because the atmosphere was more relaxed.

In seventh and eighth grade, when I lived in San Antonio, my school used Google Classroom in conjunction with normal classroom instruction. If I remember correctly, only a few classes gave assignments on the app, so those courses weren’t as demanding as it is now. We were also given plenty of time in the computer lab to finish them, which made it easier.

I also have online learning experience from my Dual Credit courses, which are more demanding. Nearly all the instructions, required reading passages and assignments can be found on my Coastal Bend Blackboard account. I still had a structured classroom setting in which I could work on them, which encouraged me to work on the assignments in school more often and kept me on task. Now, I have to do the learning and homework all at home.

This type of online learning is truly different from anything else I have done. I am expected to keep up with many assignments a week without the rigid structure of a formal classroom to keep me on track. In some ways, it still feels like Spring Break. Now, I have to fight the extra distractions that come with staying at home, like the urge to play video games or suddenly clean my room. I am determined to make online learning work for me, though. Education is extremely important to me, so I believe that online learning is much better than no learning at all.