Simply Sydnie – Farewell

Sydnie Harrell, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As an editor for the newspaper staff, I am very proud of the content we published throughout the school year. I believe we put out newsworthy stories in an interesting and creative way that allowed students to personally relate to the material. I put my heart into our publications, and I hope it showed.

I have had a passion to write since I was in elementary school. Whether it was random topic essays, news stories or even poems, I enjoyed writing anything and everything. Now, with my last year of high school coming to an end, I am writing my last pieces ever for the Maroon Messenger. Despite this, I am not going to let this print be the last with my byline.

While I am attending Texas A&M next year, I will be studying under their well-renown engineering program to obtain a degree in either Computer Science or Aerospace Engineering. In addition to this, I plan to apply to be a staff writer for Texas A&M’s student newspaper, the Battalion.

I hope that my skills in editing and writing with allow me to earn a position as a writer for the Battalion so I can keep fulfilling my desire to cover the environment around me. My interest in taking a stand and having a voice about certain issues is one I will always have and act on. I enjoy questioning what I disagree with and supporting what I agree with through publication writing, and I want to continue to broadcast my opinion in college.

Now, as for the “behind-the-scenes” of my columns, when writing for each issue, I took into account present situations around the school and the stance of students. While teachers and administrators did not always like what I had to say, I was constantly on my toes and ready to defend my opinion by discussing my points to anyone who inquired. I chose to expand on controversial issues, and I am pleased with how my classmates maturely responded to the topics I covered.

I tried my best to act as a voice for the students by pointing out certain things to larger audiences and by sharing advice and tips for being one’s best self. As this is my last column, I would like to end my time writing for the Maroon Messenger by encouraging everyone to not care what others think of you; express your opinions and defend your beliefs (as long as you’re not intentionally slandering someone or putting yourself in danger). As cheesy as it may sound, be yourself, and stay true to who you are and what you do.

To all of my classmates and teachers who continuously supported my articles, thank you for the feedback, both positive and negative. Your acknowledgements inspired me to express my opinions regardless of the possible reactions I would receive. I hope my writing made you laugh, question situations around you and gave you the motivation to speak your mind.

This is your Editor-in-Chief putting her byline on a DHS publication for the last time. Thanks for reading, and gig ‘em.