Simply Sydnie

Sydnie Harrell, Co-Editor-in-Chief

One thing that has caught my eye over these past three years is how much my peers lack ambition. Don’t get me wrong—I am not saying I am the exception, but there is a line between completely lacking work initiative and being a procrastinator.

There have been numerous times throughout high school where I have found myself scrolling through my Twitter timeline or watching some over hyped Netflix show when I had homework or school matters to tend to. I think everyone gets like this every so often.

However, I work hard in the things I do. I may wait until the night before to write my English essay, but I stay up to make sure it is completed and that it is something I am proud of. Yes, something I am proud of; this is where the distinction can be made.

From my perspective, it seems as if there are two types of high school students. There are those who put in the minimum effort necessary to meet their requirements, and there are those who put in whatever it takes to ensure that they go above and beyond the expectations held of them.

My issue with the work effort in my environment is that it is in one’s own control. Every day, I wake up and have two options; I can choose to do my work to get an okay grade, or I can choose to work diligently and turn in something that I will gladly put my name on.

Right now, I would not be surprised if someone is reading this and thinking “it’s just high school, who cares about trying?” And sure, it is just high school, but high school is only four years. What about after graduation? Colleges are not going to hand out degrees. Companies are not going to keep around someone who is not working for their pay.

And what about outside of school and work? In relationships, trying only enough to allow the relationship to exist will lead to inevitable failure. One’s health can only be maintained with infrequent exercise and rare healthy meals for so long.

I think it has yet to hit people that everything has an expiration date: grades, high school, careers, relationships, health, etc. These expiration dates do not have to come so soon. Having a good work ethic can help set up these things for success.

It is not too late to change one’s work ethic. It can be as easy as waking up and choosing to only leave your byline on something you want people to know is yours.