Study hall for seniors

Adding class option to current school curriculum

The current school curriculum does not allow or provide study hall classes for students.

Senior students should be allowed the option to take a study hall class if they have completed their required high school credits.

With dual credit classes, senior students have a lot of work on their plates. Yes, they are in high school, but they are taking college courses along with multiple elective classes. According to a study conducted by the University of Notre Dame John Paul II Catholic High School, 71% of students strongly agreed or agreed that study hall helped their performance in school.

Because they have completed all of their high school requirements, these students are forced to select classes that are redundant. The time spent in library aide or office aide could be time well spent in a study hall completing more important and academic-based work.

Students’ grades have a huge impact on their future. It helps to keep a high GPA and good grades in order to be successful in college acceptance. Getting accepted into college will aide students that wish to pursue a career that requires a degree. Study hall gives students time to focus on their grades

In order to help seniors in dual credit classes, a study hall period or class should be provided as an option for seniors’ schedules. The student must have all of their credits completed and enrolled in a college or dual credit course.

Students taking dual credit classes have enough work to complete in a day that is beneficial for their futures without library or office aide duties, and they have met all high school requirements to graduate, so they should be allowed the option to take a study hall class to help complete their academic studies.