Simply Sydnie

Sydnie Harrell, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This past year, I have been listening to a variety of music genres, more than normal. My Spotify Wrapped reminded me that my Airpods were constantly blaring The Wrecks, Oliver Tree, SWMRS, Ghostmane and so many more artists that I was unfamiliar with prior to 2019.

I have discovered new and interesting music this year because I have been more open-minded with things.

Before senior year, I approached every situation in my life knowing most of the possible outcomes, and I always kept my mind on the one outcome I desired. Not only was this preventing me from discovering new things, but it also took a toll on my happiness.

When it came down to major decisions and events, I was setting myself up for failure by only having one acceptable expectation in mind. I would go in with tunnel vision; I wanted one thing only. What happened when I didn’t get it? I was frustrated and unhappy.

For example, last year, I tried out to be an FFA officer for the chapter team. I prepared myself well for the tryout process and was secretly hoping to be elected president. When I heard my name get called for the secretary position, I was disappointed in myself and felt let down, even though I had received an extremely high and worthy position.

Over the course of my junior year, similar things would happen, and I continued to find myself to be negative and upset. Finally, it all piled up, and I could not bear the weight anymore; I decided that something in my life needed to change.

That is when I began to take on scenarios with an open mind set. I would allow myself to see the positive side of all the possibilities in activities like trying new things, applying for jobs and listening to music.

Now, I am much more optimistic in my day-to-day life. I am open to trying new things I would have immediately shut down in the past, which has made my life have more variation and diversity.

As for my future, I am looking forward to attending Texas A&M University in College Station next year with a fresh perspective and willingness to seek out unfamiliar experiences, all with an open mind set.

I encourage everyone to try and be more open-minded in life because the pros definitely outweigh the cons. If you don’t have a new year’s resolution, having an open mind set might be just what is calling your name in 2020.