Dangerous trend

The use of vaping e-cigarette products has become a common trend in the United States, especially among teenagers. Respiratory illnesses have been linked back to the usage of these devices and the problem has turned into a nationwide issue. The negative effects vaping e-cigarettes have on the human body has made vaping an official health risk.

Teenagers should not buy or use vaping e-cigarettes because they are dangerous to their health and are addictive.

Vaping products have recently been all over the news because of the sudden health issues they are causing. E-cigarettes have not undergone a Food and Drug Administration review of their public health impacts, so humans are essentially the test subjects. 149 people, primarily young adults, have been hospitalized since June with severe lung illnesses. All of the patients have one thing in common; they have used e-cigarette products. Vaping has also been linked to cardiovascular disease and seizures, and it has been proven that nicotine has negative effects on brain development.

While the products have been advertised as safe because they have less chemicals than cigarettes, they still contain an addictive drug; nicotine. Truth Initiative posted a survey in 2018 that showed that 63% of 15-24-year-old users of Juuls, a popular type of vape, did not know there was nicotine in the pods. These young adults are using means of fake IDs and older friends to buy these products. Little do they know is that the ingredients are extremely addicting.

Not only does vaping cause physical health problems and addiction, but it also has been connected to causing or worsening mental health issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 5 high schoolers vape. At least 20% of young adults will experience depression at some point in their life. These two statistics put together is a recipe for disaster. Mental health issues are rising and worsening because of vaping.

Vaping is a deadly addition. It causes issues with physical health and mental health, especially for teenagers whose brains are still developing. All teenagers should resist peer pressure to vaping and stop using e-cigarette products.