Don’t come to school sick

Cold and flu season is here. Many students are missing school because they have caught an illness. However, there are many students who come to school sick in order to stay caught up on schoolwork.

Students should not come to school if they are sick, no exceptions.

Students risk spreading illnesses to their classmates if they come to school sick, even if they are careful. Germs can be spread in many ways, including through direct or indirect contact and through the air. Staying at home is the best way to prevent other students from getting sick.

The student handbook advises students to stay at home if they are sick, stating that students can’t come to school for 24 hours after they experience a 100 degree fever. They can spread their illness to other students, even if they don’t have a fever. Students may still be carrying bacteria or viruses after the fever breaks.

Many students attend school despite their illness in order to stay caught up on work, especially work from Pre-AP, AP and Dual Credit classes. However, one’s health is more important than one’s grades. Additionally, depending on the severity of one’s sickness, one may need to rest so the body can fight off illness more quickly.

While it may seem like a smart choice to skimp on recovery from an illness, it is unwise and also goes against the student handbook. It makes the spread of flu and other illnesses much quicker. Pay attention to symptoms and stay at home if necessary in order to keep germs from spreading at school.