Karli’s Comments, February

Karli Geyer, Staff Writer

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It’s official, class of 2019; we are seniors. In fact, we are in our second semester of our senior year. In a few short months we will be going to our last prom, around-the-world and finally graduating. For now, we are soaking up the time we have left together. Because for some of us, this “seeing your best friend everyday and having classes with everyone in your circle” will cease to exist.

As I think of my years spent in Devine ISD, I can remember how homey it felt. I realized that I have been taking advantage of things like seeing your kindergarten teacher at church, running into your DYSA coach at Dairy Queen, and babysitting kids with your friend.

My life is about to change into something I have never known. Everyday, I pass the same people in the same halls. This is how it has been for the past 13 years of my life. What will it be like walking around a campus without my best friend? How will it feel not seeing my friends of 13 years after every class? How am I supposed to transition from knowing every single person in my class to only knowing a few? These questions will be answered soon, and when they are, I hope for the best.

I pray for my friends. I want the best for them. I want them to thrive and live life to its greatest potential. I want Scarlett to become the greatest lawyer, almost like an Elle Woods but better. I want Abby to run the most delicious cafe and call it “Farmhaus.” I want Shelby to teach the next generation of kids how to be successful, but more importantly, how to love. I want Preslee to use her communication skills to better the world with her words of wisdom. I want Gehrig to help people out of the goodness in his heart through physical therapy. I want Quentin to be confident in his future career by finding the perfect job that suits him well. I want Brady to help athletes be successful and healthy as a sports trainer. I want all of the people I have become friends with to be successful in every way.

I can think back to a specific moment when I didn’t know what to do and a wise man told me “hope means to expect a result from effort. It is not a wish for something to happen, but for expectation to become a reality.” Taking that into consideration, I hope for the best. I hope everything turns out exactly how I think it will. In a couple of years when I look back on who I’ve become, I hope its the person I’ve always wanted to be. When I’m in college, I hope to discover my passion and learn how to use it while living my dreams. When I finally get my dream job, I hope I am able to change lives in both a physical and emotional way. I expect all of this to happen because I am determined to get there.

In the meantime I choose to live in the moment with the people around me as I begin my journey through life.

After looking back on my childhood, friendships and life lessons, I have faith in our class. We will be a successful class. We will live our dreams. We will fulfill our destiny. We are who we are.

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