Just Abby, December

Abigail Kohlleppel, Editor-in-Chief

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The holiday season becomes a favorite for a lot of people for a variety of different reasons. I love the holiday season for the hidden values it offers, I discovered this while going through the mail.

First, I love getting mail. Call me old-fashioned, but the feeling of seeing a note with your name on it that someone took the time to write to you, is magical. (I do realize when I’m older, I probably won’t feel the same way when it comes to bills, haha) But still, it warms my heart.

Second, during the holiday season specifically, people and families send Christmas cards! I love seeing close and distant friends and family’s different cards and then hang them up to enjoy throughout the season. It was when doing so that I realized that this is a time-honored tradition that has withstood the evolving technological world.

One would think that people would just start sending texts as their Christmas cards, but no they don’t. And I just think that is just so amazing. It makes me wonder how long the tradition of Christmas cards will be around for. I truly hope it stays through my lifetime. I like that the holidays make people stop in their busy lives for a minute and think of others or spend time with family. Even just sending a card does that much.

Another hidden value this season offers is a chance to think about other people. It may seem silly, but when thinking about what to get someone shows that you care about other people. You want to make sure it is something they will like and use, so you’re taking them into consideration. Again, something the holiday season brings out in people.

Christmas is such a magical time, and I love getting the chance to spend two weeks home from school to enjoy family time. I am so lucky to have that time with them, something I don’t think many people see as a privilege, when they should. My favorite tradition is one that my grandma carried on from her mom, a tray of Christmas cookies. There are a ton of different flavors, and let me tell you, they are all very delicious. My personal favorite is her simple, iced sugar cookie. Sometimes I think about skipping dinner just to save room for cookies! That isn’t really a hidden value, but something I cherish and hope to carry on with her.

Whether you are thinking about someone, sending a card, talking with family, or simply being present during the holidays, I hope your days are magical. This season is so precious, and I am glad we all get the chance to enjoy it.

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