Absolutely Alissa, December

Alissa Stehle, Staff Writer

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As I am deciding for which off-campus apartment I want to live in next year (I have applied for two apartment complexes so far), I start to think of what jobs I am going to apply for. Obviously I can’t just not work and expect my rent to be paid for. Unless I commuted from home, which my parents want me to do, but I do not. They frown upon the wanting to grow up so fast and move out, which I know it all goes by so fast. But I am indeed ready to start growing up and have a “college student life” with the stresses come along with it. Yes I know, I will most likely feel and think the complete opposite in the future.

Well, back to which job I’m going to get. I know that I am probably going to do best with a waitressing job; the tips are mainly going to help out a lot. The job itself will require me to be really nice, positive and always in a good mood; good thing I usually am in one. Always having to be in a good mood is okay except the thought of having to deal with unpleasant people. Bottom line, I know that a first REAL job is going to be a bit ‘bleh’, but I want to draw just a little bit of attention to my first job, which was just a weekend job, but was still amazing.

I have worked at Devine Acres for two years, and I absolutely love it. The people, atmosphere and the job itself are amazing. Sadly, I won’t be able to work there while in college.

I have no idea where I will work next, but that is okay right now. My sister and aunt have helped tremendously with easing my stress of how I am going to cover all of the expenses that are involved with becoming more independent. I really hope that a waitressing job will be more enjoyable than what it seems. Hopefully having to provide good customer service all of the time while working will aid me in seeing the positives in life.

I am truly blessed that I haven’t had to get a real job in the past, and I commend those who juggle school and a job. The closest thing I know to a full time job is being in sports the whole school year. Which don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved it. The ups and downs in sports resemble the good and bad days that I will have in life.

Nonetheless, God will take care of me, I know that for sure. Everything is in his hands and I just have to trust that. Ultimately, I am praying that I can have the best first job experience possible. Wish me luck!

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