Stay between the lines

Lately in the student parking lot, there have been some issues with the way people park. Large trucks have been taking up two parking spaces in the front row instead of one. With limited amount of space to park in the student parking lot, there are not a lot of spaces to spare, especially when someone occupies two spots for one vehicle.

This should not be allowed because it is not courteous, and it is very inconvenient for other drivers.

People should take into consideration the size of their vehicle when parking. Specifically in the student parking lot, the back row does not have lines to park in, and it generally has more space for large vehicles. While in the front and middle two rows are marked with yellow lines that indicate how much space one’s vehicle can fit in. Being able to park is a simple task one must learn when getting their license. Everyone has parked poorly once in their driving career, but have fixed it when they noticed. Parking on the line or crooked is considered lazy parking and should be fixed.

Not only is it parking etiquette to occupy a single space, but also students are required to buy a parking pass for their vehicle. One parking pass means one spot per student and vehicle. No special treatment should be shown to those with large trucks simply because they have a large truck and want people to notice it.

One might argue that the drivers are afraid of their truck getting hit, so they take up two spots for precautions. Though this may seem like a legitimate reason, it most certainly is not. There is plenty of space and room for large trucks in the back row of the lot that provides ample space in between vehicles, far more space than the front row. Some of the truck drivers park in two spaces straight out of annoyance or for attention. This is an immature reason and shows that the drivers do not take parking and driving seriously.

Parking correctly is a simple task. Drivers should take other vehicles and drivers into consideration and be courteous to all by parking in one spot.