Good sportsmanship

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Having good sportsmanship is just as important in the stands as it is while playing the game. Many of people will come to see two teams play against each other, but sometimes it will end up being the fans competing.

All fans who attend any kind of game should conduct good sportsmanship while at the game. 

Sportsmanship is not just for the players. It is equally important for the fans to act in a kind way as well. For one, a rowdy crowd can be distracting to the players. Once distracted, they will not be able to perform to the best of their ability. The fans can also cause the players to fight amongst themselves on the court or field. The game will then not be played the right way and end up in chaos. When attending a game, you should be there to watch, not to become watched. 

Fans need to set a good example for the children and those who look up to them. If people are teaching kids to be good sports, then the fans need to be good sports as well. They don’t want to set a bad example by saying rude comments and yelling at the referees when players are taught to be respectful. They should be leading by example, especially as adults.

Some may say that referees may make bad calls, so they need to yell to get their point across. In reality, they don’t. The coaches are there for a reason, and if a bad call is made, they will catch it or bring attention to it, the fans don’t need to. Fans are there to cheer and support the teams on. Referees will make some mistakes and that is okay, because they are human, it is not something to get upset about.

To fix this problem, fans just need to keep to cheering and nothing else. Rude comments, yelling and snide remarks should be kept inside and not said aloud for others to hear, especially the players. These things cause the players to lose self-esteem, and can distract them. It is important to be a fan with good sportsmanship and people should be exemplifying this character at all games and performances. 

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