Preparing for college

High schools now offer a variety of classes for students to take. Classes offered include many electives, new sciences, AP, and dual credit classes. Sometimes kids create their schedule to make their next year easy and some fill it full of college-prep classes.

When choosing classes for the school year, students should consider taking college-prep classes especially their junior or senior year to prepare them for the next level of education.

AP and dual credit classes offer students an opportunity to experience a professor taught class at a reasonable price. The argument is made that college is not for everyone, so the best time to figure that out is in high school when it is not as a big of a deal to drop if college isn’t a right fit for a student. If a student doesn’t take a college class until they attend a college, they might regret not choosing to get their toes wet in high school, where classes are smaller and you know the professors.

Experiencing a harder, professor taught class will allow you to know what kind of work and learning you will only help a student in the future. After taking a dual credit or AP class, students know what is expected for a college class and will be better prepared. The amount of work and effort needed to succeed in a college-prep class is different from a regular class. If students are able to experience this now, it will only benefit them.

Not only do these classes prepare an individual, college credit and hours are earned. A student is able to gain college hours, at a reasonable price, while attending high school. If preparing for college isn’t enticing enough for a student, the thought of going to high school and college at the same time should be enough.

Some students may say they don’t have enough time, or that the class is too hard when really, they are just lazy. College life is crazier than high school life, so if there is a chance to knock some of the college work out now, students should take every opportunity.

Students need to consider the benefits from preparing for a college-level education in high school and at on the benefits. There is no time like the future to get ahead.