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Sticking to resolutions

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When New Year’s is just around the corner, it is not unusual to hear about people’s resolutions. But, are New Year’s resolutions even worth making? They are somewhat pointless if they are only followed for a couple of days or weeks.

New Year’s resolutions are not beneficial in any way. They are promises that people make to themselves in hopes of making themselves a new and improved person. Majority of people do not keep up with their resolutions for more then a few weeks.

After some research on the Internet, it was obvious that less than 25% of people follow through with their resolutions. The most popular resolutions that are recorded are to live a healthier lifestyle, self-improvement, make better financial decisions, and to quit smoking. The highest percentage out of these four is to live a healthier life, and the percentage is only 24%.

Year after year it is obvious that New Year’s resolutions are only around for a while, and very few people keep them. At this point many people do not take the time to make New Year’s resolutions anymore. Why keep doing something that is not beneficial?

It’s not that New Year’s resolutions are bad, it would be a good idea to quit smoking or eat healthier. When people make New Year’s resolutions they have good intentions, but if they aren’t going to follow through on their resolutions and keep up with them, what is the point in having a New Year’s resolution anyway? There isn’t one.

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Sticking to resolutions