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Importance of safe driving

Nathan Saenz, Staff writer

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In the Past few weeks there has been several incidents in the parking lot. We need a way to prevent this problem. DHS needs to enforce the importance of driver’s safety. Driver’s safety should and always be a must.

One of the reasons for enforcing driver’s safety is to keep your self and other out of harms way. Not only does it benefit you about learning driver’s safety but it benefits many others also.

By doing hazardous things, such as speeding, not wearing a seatbelt etc. can bring consequences with you in the future. The consequences can vary from not getting a job because of your tickets or to be in trouble with the law.

Vehicle insurance can be very pricey. The Insurance bill can increase if you cause your own vehicle damage. This is another reason to drive safe.

Everybody who is on the road is affected by driving safe especially the person behind the wheel. DHS can put more emphasis on driver’s safety by having a guest speaker come to the school and give a presentation; it can open people eyes a little more. No matter how stressed or in a hurry you are, always drive safe.

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The student news site of Devine High School
Importance of safe driving