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Crickets at school with students

Addison Trojanowski, Staff writer

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Crickets have become quite the pest at school. They are crawling from the locker rooms, to classrooms, even to lunchboxes. The creepy crawlers aren’t just pest for crawling around the school and distracting people, they also leave an awful stench.

Even when you don’t see them, you can definitely smell them. The awful stench is a reason to want the pest gone. This stench is left behind wen a cricket carcass is decaying. It can be hard to deal with, but it is a sign that one more cricket wont be bothering us.

The crickets have also become a distraction. When someone sees a cricket in a classroom they often pay more attention to it than what is being taught in the classroom. Crickets can’t really bother anybody, but it’s easy to know that they are there.

We have got to deal with these crickets whether we enjoy it or not. They are going to be sharing this campus with us until the first cold front rolls around. Students have to be extra careful when leaving sweaters, bags, and shoes on the ground. If you do leave things lying around, make sure you shake them out, to prevent a nasty cricket mess. Nobody wants to pick up a sweater and have crickets jump out at them.

The cricket’s wellbeing often becomes a debate between those who do not want to harm the crickets, and those who want them gone. The majority of the student body wants them gone. As much as we don’t want to, we have to go day by day and deal with what we have been given. In this case, we have been given nasty, stinky, crickets, that share our hallways, lockers, and high school.

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Crickets at school with students