Preview for pre-season

Allyson Taylor , Staff Writer

This year, the Warhorse baseball team and Arabian softball team are off to a solid start, picking up where things ended last year,
both teams are hopeful that they will get a full season this year. Due to COVID-19 the two teams have not been able to play in tournaments as they usually do this early in the season, but each team has played a few scrimmages to kick off their season. The Warhorses played Lanier last Saturday, Feb. 6 winning by a long shot.

“This scrimmage really helped us come together as a team and most importantly we had fun while playing,” senior Xsavior Martinez said. “I am excited for this season and what is to come.”

The senior leaders on the Warhorse baseball team have a few goals in mind to reach by the end of the season, by working hard they will be able to accomplish these goals and more.

“This year the baseball team is going to be solid. We do not have anyone that is above the others performance wise but if we play as a team, we will do just fine,” senior Jacob Barron said. “My goal for this year is to win district. Considering our district is pretty tough, I believe winning it would be a great accomplishment for our team.”

The Arabians had three scrimmages this past Saturday losing two and winning one.

“I think we improved from our past scrimmages even though we may not have won all of our
games, but I felt like we played better as a team,” senior Arieana Ramirez said. “We still have a lot of work to do but most of our errors are mentally, so if we eliminate those, we are going to have a great season.”

The Arabians have set a few team goals to accomplish this year to remind them that it takes hard work and dedication to work towards those goals.

“Since our season ended early last year, I think we had a lot of unfinished business so we are excited to get to pick up where we left off,” senior Mackenzie Schneider said. “The main goal for this year is to secure the district title and go as far into the playoffs as we can. I think with our best effort we can easily accomplish our goal we just have to set our minds to it.”