Dramatic Reading for this years Fall Play

Raynee Allen , Staff Writer

This year’s fall play will be performed in December, before Christmas break. The students participating will sit on stage while they perform a dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol: A Play for Live Radio by Bob Cooner (adapted from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens). This will not be a production of theatre arts or One Act Play, anyone was able to audition. 

 “Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I chose a radio drama to allow for social distancing,” theatre arts teacher Mrs. Titano said. “A radio style show features more sound effects, so the students have been learning about the art of Foley.”

The cast and crew are all saddened to not be able to perform for the school, although they will still have two after school performances. The play will be a lot longer than previous years, this is because the drama club is trying to make up for lost time last year. 

“I am excited that we are able to even have a play, even though we will be sitting down rather than acting out our scenes like we have in the past,” drama club president and cast member Bailey Kendrick said. “I have been in drama club since I was in 7th grade and this year will be very new and different, I can’t wait.”



Bailey Kendrick

Austin Reyes

Jordan Agulo

Christian Brakeen

Malachi Jackson

Mikaela Johnson

Angela Matamoros

Abe Titano

Catelyn Flores

David Hopkins



Gabriella Napier

Roger Casias

Jonathan Guardiola

Jacob Hicks

Cameron Darby

Chamee Yanez

Kayley Carillo

Faith Martin