New look for pep rallies


Kadence Yeats, Photo Editor

Trying to recover from the current pandemic the school has opened back up and students are somewhat back to a regular school life. With school starting comes all the sports and extracurricular activities, such as pep rallies.

“With the starting of pep rallies, we moved them to the morning instead of right before lunch. They have to be a lot shorter due to the changes,” senior cheer captain Brianna Bowyer said. “The pep rallies are wake-up calls and pep rallies combined.”

These pep rallies aren’t just a free for all, social distancing must be maintained during the performance and masks also must be worn.

“It’s been a little harder to cheer with masks, since the masks muffle our voices,” Bowyer said. “Even with social distancing and the mask policy I’m still grateful that we have the opportunity to have pep rallies, especially for my last year.”

Approval for pep rallies was not a difficult process to get through.

“Just like football or any other  Covid procedures,” Principal Derrick Byrd said. “Maintaining social distancing and of course wearing the masks.”

Covid-19 has changed many things this year, but the school is making the effort to keep what we have.

“We’re just glad that we’re able to cheer and continue the pep rallies,” cheer sponsor Hannah Thompson said. “This season we can only cheer at the home games, but something is better than nothing.”