CX Debate wins district

Josephine Taitano , Co-Editor-in-Chief

From broken bones to new recruits, the debate team faced several challenges leading up to the District CX competition on Jan. 29. Despite the challenges, the team placed first overall.

“I am proud of all of them,” senior Paige Williamson said. “A lot of them handled everything really well.”

Sophomore Brian Schaefer broke his ankle at the basketball game the night before the meet. After the game, he was taken to the ER where he stayed until 2 am. He arrived at school a few hours later.

“I knew that I had to go,” Schaefer said. “Coffee kept me going. I still had fun, though.”

Two teams began debate practice late in the season. Seniors Clarissa Maldonado and Zacchaeus Morphew began practice two weeks before the District meet and seniors Garrett Fritz and Garret Carver joined less than a week before District.

“For my first time, I surprisingly liked it,” Morphew said. “I guess it’s because I faced my fear of public speaking.”

Of the four teams that competed, Williamson and sophomore Corwin Flores placed first and qualified for the State Meet March 19-21.

“It’s one of the best feelings to have,” Williamson said. “I’ve put four years into Debate, and I finally qualified for state.”