Welding students make shelves for theatre department storage


Clarissa Zamora, Staff Writer

Costumes and props take up the theatre arts class because there is no furniture to hold the supplies and accessories that they use.

“Storage for theatre arts has been a problem for the past couple of years,” theatre arts teacher Mrs. Patricia Taitano said. “Many items have been stored in the extra teachers classroom in the Ag building, and it was very disorganized because we had no racks for clothing or shelves for storage bins.”

In an effort to solve Mrs. Taitano’s storage problem, Mr. Wheelus’s second and third period welding classes decided to help her out. They built shelves and racks so that there was somewhere to put props and hang costumes.

“We don’t normally do big projects in welding,” senior Garrett Fritz said. “The welding class helps us learn from our mistakes. We get to see the different aspects of the projects we do.”

The welding class mainly focuses on the basics of welding and on different projects that are pipe and plate oriented.

“Pipe and plate oriented projects help with different perspectives on welding,” senior Joseph Ramirez said. “The welding class really focuses on getting us better for our future careers.”

The welding class normally does not take on construction projects during the school year. This year they made an exception by welding shelves for the Theatre Department.

“I am ecstatic that they did that for us,” Mrs. Taitano said. “I am extremely blessed that they made them and that we can finally organize all of our costumes and props.”