Advice from a senior

Earning college credit from CBC


Sydnie Harrell, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Students can begin taking classes to earn credits for college as early as their freshman year if they are willing to take the reading, writing and/or math Texas Success Initiative (TSI) and earn a passing score.

At the end of their sophomore year, students can register to take Dual Credit (or Dual Enrollment) classes. The Dual Credit classes offered for juniors are ENGL (English) 1301 and 1302 as well as HIST  (History) 1301 and 1302. These classes count for high school credit and as college hours. By taking junior year Dual Credit classes, students can get 12 hours’ worth of college credits and another 12 hours their senior year through ENGL 2322, ENGL 2323, GOVT 2305 and GOVT 2306. This means that students can graduate with 24 credit hours through taking Dual Credit classes alone.

While these classes are taken through Coastal Bend College (CBC), that does not mean they only count as credit for Coastal Bend. Depending on the college or higher education facility a student is planning on attending, these courses can transfer usually as one of their basics.

Additionally, students can also take Dual Credit Welding with agriculture teacher Mr. Robin Wheelus. Passing the classes allows students to walk the stage at Coastal Bend College to receive Welding Certification.

Students can also take more online college classes in addition to the Dual Credit courses. However, these classes are different because they are not Dual Credit; they are not taught with a teacher at the high school and they only count for college credit, not high school credit.

Students taking online college courses can opt to be in Mrs. Freeburn’s computer lab for a class period by dropping an elective of their choice, or they can choose to take the course at home.

Before they can take one of these courses, students must meet with Dual Credit Advisor Mrs. JodiAnn Dzierzanowski in order to go over their college plan and select courses that will transfer and count as college credit.