Pesato retires after 20 years

Former district employees look forward to free time


Madison Mata

Mr. Scott Pesato and Mrs. Lori Pesato.

Madison Mata, Managing Editor

After 20 years of working as the Internet Technology Director, Scott Pesato worked his last day on Oct. 31 with his wife and Secretary Lori Pesato.

“I feel like I’ve worked enough,” Mr. Pesato said. “We have everything paid off, we want to travel, I want more time to do the many hobbies I don’t currently have time for and we have five grandchildren, so it’s time.”

Before working for Devine ISD, they owned and ran SNL Internet.

“In 1996, my wife and I opened and ran a small technology business next door to the former Charlie’s II Restaurant,” Mr. Pesato said. “Lori managed it while I juggled running our network and the school’s network. Soon, dial up modems became obsolete so we shut down the business and focused on our jobs at school.”

After growing up in New York, the Pesato’s first moved to Texas in 1978.

“We’re both originally from New York,” Mr. Pesato said. “We moved to Houston in ‘78 because New York was very expensive and there were more opportunities to earn more money in Texas.

Once Houston became too urban for them, the Pesato’s moved to Virginia, then back to Texas and on March 17, 1989, they moved to Devine.

“After Houston, we moved to Virginia for a little while but didn’t like travelling four or five hours to fish and swim somewhere,” Mr. Pesato said. “We decided to move farther West, San Antonio, but the kids and I enjoyed going to the Frio and the Guadalupe River, so when Lori found our house near Devine, it was perfect and peaceful for us.”

There are many hobbies and activities the Pesatos have that will keep them busy after retirement, including maintaining their garden.

“Sometimes I make wood furniture and utensils from the wood I chop, I hunt occasionally and practice shooting at my rifle range,” Mr. Pesato said. “My wife and I also garden most of the food we eat. I have family recipes that I give to Lori and she cooks them wonderfully.”

Mr. and Mrs. Pesato were high school sweethearts when they met in New York.

“I met her my junior year of high school and she was a freshman,” Mr. Pesato said. “On December 22 we’ll be celebrating our 40 anniversary with two kids and five granchildren.”

Before he worked in technology, Mr. Pesato was an auto technician for Brown Chevrolet.

“I did computer diagnostics on the cars, electronic air conditioning, anti-lock brakes and anything else that was related to electronics,” Mr. Pesato said. “If a car didn’t run right, I was one of the guys that fixed it. The systems continued to get more advanced and I was turning into an old man, so I migrated to Internet Technology.”