New Curriculum

Chesney Friesenhahn, Staff Writer

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Three new fun and interactive elective classes are being offered to the students this school year. The new classes include, Forensics Science, Musical Theatre, and Photojournalism. The new additions broaden the spectrum of new education opportunities within a different type of class setting.

“I’m excited about teaching forensics because the students actually have an interest in learning about this area of science,” Mrs. Rebecca Fitch said.

Although the thought of having an expansion of new classes for new learning opportunities is exciting, it is a rather challenging process for teachers.

“Teaching a new class can be difficult because it means new materials, teaching styles, and lesson plans,” Mrs. Fitch said. “The students do seem to be enjoying the course.”

Along with Forensics Science, Musical Theatre is another class that has been added to the theatre department. The theatre department is growing rapidly due to amount of students that have interest in that field of work.

“In addition to acting, we also focus on voice, movement, and dance as it relates to musical theatre,” Mrs. Patricia Taitano said.

Journalism is in the same stage of expanding our department. Newspaper, yearbook, broadcast journalism, and the new addition to photo journalism are all the journalism offerings.

“I take three journalism classes,” junior Haley Darby said. “I was really excited when I found out that there was going to be a photo journalism class,”

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