UIL advances to State

Abby Kohlleppel, Staff Writer

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The UIL Regional meet was on April 8 at the Texas A&M Campus in Corpus Christi. Thirty-seven students advanced and competed at the Regional meet.

“Advancing to the Region meet was awesome,” sophomore Preslee Quisenberry said. “Most of our team advanced, which was a first, so that was pretty great.”

The Literary criticism team, the journalism team, the social studies team, and the computer science team were among the students and teams who advanced.

“I prepared for the meet by studying and heavily analyzing the book, Madison’s Gifts,” sophomore Derek Weinstrom said. “I was excited to make it to Regionals with my social studies team.”

Tristan Woods competed in social studies and science at the Regional level. Woods placed 6th in social studies and 1st in the Biology portion of the science test, advancing him to the State UIL meet.

“I was super proud of myself for advancing to the State meet,” Woods said.

Out of the eight competing for the journalism team, two have advanced to the State UIL meet as first alternates. Abigail Kohlleppel competed in Editorial Writing and Amanda Wilson competed in Feature Writing.

“Last year I placed 5th and didn’t advance,” Wilson said. “I’m glad that this year we made a showing at the State level.”

Two LD debaters, Scarlett Smith and Samantha Esquivel, have also advanced as 3rd and 4th State UIL alternates.

“I rewrote my cases to make them better for the Regional meet,” Smith said “I felt happy about being a state alternate considering I’m only a sophomore.”

The State UIL meet was April 21-22 at the University of Texas campus.

“It felt good to compete at the meet,” Woods said. “There was a lot of smart kids and good competition, and I was glad to be a part of it.”

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