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Byrd knife making

Amanda Wilson, Editor in Chief

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This year at the stockshow, students will not only participate in showing animals, but one will show off his knife making skills. Junior Lucas Byrd will have his own station where he will talk about his experience making knives and show off the ones he has previously made.

“My station will have a pig sticker, a skinner, and something else if I have the time,” Byrd said. “There will also be a mesquite stump display.”

Lucas has been making knives for five years. He learned to make them on his own.

“Nobody taught me I just figured it out on my own through research, and trial and error,” Byrd said.

Getting to have a station at the stockshow is a way that Byrd will be able to reach out to people and show them the product that he has made.

“I’ve always wanted to make my own knives and it just ended up turning into a business,” Byrd said. “Having my own station at the stockshow will hopefully give me more business and the chance to advertise custom knife making.”

To see samples of Byrd’s work go to @byrdcutlery on Instagram.

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Byrd knife making