Drama teacher jumps ship

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Fall play rehearsals have begun. This years’ fall play is about a group of high school students who have been abandoned by their drama teacher, and have to fend for themselves on opening night in front of an impatient audience. Their teacher left them hanging because nobody has been showing up for rehearsals and no one is really quite sure what they are supposed to do.

“This play shows other people how important it is to show up to practice,” Paige Renya said. “The play is really fun to be in, it gives us a chance to hang out with different people and have fun.”

The student assistant director and student stage manager step in, find a box of scripts, which they pass out to the cast, and try to throw something together at the last minute.

“We are making excellent progress, and having a grand time doing so,” Bethany Dominus said. “The audience will be in for a great treat.”

This comedy covers nearly every angle of a typical high school play with a dose of history and lots of improvisation thrown in for good measure.

“ This play has brought people together who, in reality would talk to each other. The actors have come together and now feel like family,” Emily Cardenas said.

The kids throw together scenes with Rapping, physical comedy, gags, and satirical re-writings of many plays from Shakespeare to Albee.

“This play has been interesting to see come together, with all of the outrageous things that happen and come together,” Cardenas said.

The actors will preform on January 6 at 2 pm in the DSAC during the school day for students and January 7 at 7pm for parents and guests in the DASC.

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