DHS Express

Amiable Amanda

Amanda Wilson, Managing editor

December 11, 2015

Living in a world where you don’t consume animal products seems like a rough life. You take meat, dairy, and poultry products completely out of your diet. Many people find that it’s pointless and a very deprived lifestyle;...

Basically Brooklyn

Brooklyn Anderson, Editor-in-chief

December 10, 2015

What is a true fan? And what does a true fan act like in the stands? A true fan supports and respects a team or individual, and encourages them to win. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a "fan" as: an enthusiastic devotee (as...

Five tips for graduating high school

Alyssa Schmidt, Staff Writer

May 22, 2015

Senior year is the ultimate dream of most high school kids. Students are so close to leaving that they can practically taste the freedom that comes with college that they can hardly control themselves. Senioritis begins to kick in...

Julia’s Journal

Julia Martinez, Co-Editor

May 22, 2015

A choice is something we make everyday. Whether or not the choice is good, we have to move on from it. Throughout high school I have made some good and bad choices. Although some of my choices weren’t the best, I still beli...

Basically Brooke

Brooke Sumners, Editor-in-Chief

May 22, 2015

Have you ever read a book or seen a movie that you were so into, that after you finished it, you didn’t know what to do with yourself? You just sat there, hesitant to start a new story because you weren’t ready to let go ...

Senioritis: Brick Wall Monster

Dallas Gonzalez, Staff Writer

March 31, 2015

Senioritis is defined as a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. Sounds about right. Most of us have spent more than half of our...

Technology’s a man’s best friend

March 4, 2015

Addiction. This word is usually used when we talk about drugs, alcohol, and now technology. The addiction to technology starts as any other addiction, except that technology is at every turn. Technology addiction can be summed...

Do’s and Don’ts of time management

March 4, 2015

All too often, teenagers find themselves stressing about how they can possibly get through the day and accomplish everything that needs to be done. When asked why they are stressing about that, the answers all centers on time. Time...

Basically Brooke

Brooke Sumners, Editor-in-Chief

March 4, 2015

Today, we are four days into the third month of 2015. Already, we have spent two whole months in this new year; we are currently 63 days into the fresh start we receive every 365 days. I am also more than halfway into my senio...

Sickly Seniors: Tips to help students avoid senioritis

Julia Martinez, Co-Editor

January 8, 2015

Being a senior can be overwhelming with all the things that need to get done before graduation. The bad thing about seniors is that they think they’re already done with high school and don’t try in any of their classes. According...

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